Property Management Division

Overview of Rockledge Strategic Services

  • Formulate and present asset-specific action plan
  • Complete a full lease audit
  • Formulate and implement marketing and leasing strategy
  • Conduct insurance review, provide coverage guidance and secure favorable pricing
  • Oversee human resource functions, including payroll disbursements of employee wages and deductions, sick days, holidays and vacation time
  • Assist with union contract negotiations
  • Perform administrative functions:
    • Maintain/archive client and building records
    • Handle correspondence and send informational mailings
    • Maintain open and regular client communication
  • Monitor ever-changing Federal, State, and City regulations to ensure that a property complies with legal and code requirements. Proactively anticipate the regulatory environment and make changes and recommendations necessary to protect our clients. Categories include:
    • Permits
    • Violation removal
    • Fees
    • Licenses
    • Fire life safety
    • Window guards
    • Periodic inspections
    • Lead
    • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
    • DHCR filings
Property Management Division


At Rockledge, we design and implement effective strategies for individual properties and create solutions for entire portfolios. When you hire Rockledge property management, we make every effort to ensure a smooth, seamless transition and immediately complete a thorough property evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses and to chart a strategy.

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Investment Sales Division


Our observations and conclusions will become the foundation for a customized asset-specific action plan that is presented to the client. This plan will outline short and longer-term recommendations and is designed to optimize asset value. We will set goals that are designed to promote income generation, expense management, streamlined operations, enhanced information management, timely reporting, and more effective staffing.

Real Estate Investment Acquisition Division


Our capital improvement plan, which is updated periodically, will identify, anticipate, evaluate and prioritize the short- and long-term needs for a building. We routinely analyze "micro" items like income and expenses, and then step back to evaluate "macro" objectives designed to best position a property in today's continuously changing and highly competitive marketplace.

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