What’s in a Name?

Rockledge is more than a name, it is our company philosophy. The name is a juxtaposition of three key elements.

  • Rock” evokes strength, stability and longevity. It is unwavering in composition and powerful in form; a permanent edifice on the landscape.
  • A “ledge” is a place to gain perspective and to gauge the height of achievement. It is a resting place on the path to the next level, providing a respite to reassess challenges, calculate risks, evaluate opportunities and ultimately to chart a strategy forward and upward.
  • Finally, in ancient Greece the highest fortified rock ledge was defined as an “Acropolis.” This literally means “high” (acro) “city” (polis).

In concert, these three symbols form the core of our firm. Rockledge views every project and every client through this framework. We look for ways to add value, set lofty goals, achieve our business plan with rock solid execution, re-evaluate opportunities at key junctures, and work tirelessly to reach the top. And once there, each unique property becomes a symbol of our collective success.

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